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Run the callback whenever the user input type changes (mouse or touch). Useful for enabling/disabling code depending on the input device. This process is dynamic and works with hybrid devices (e.g. touchscreen laptops).

Use two event listeners. Assume mouse input initially and bind a touchstart event listener to the document. On touchstart, add a mousemove event listener to listen for two consecutive mousemove events firing within 20ms, using Run the callback with the input type as an argument in either of these situations.

const onUserInputChange = (callback) => {
let type = "mouse",
lastTime = 0;
const mousemoveHandler = () => {
const now =;
if (now - lastTime < 20)
(type = "mouse"),
document.removeEventListener("mousemove", mousemoveHandler);
lastTime = now;
document.addEventListener("touchstart", () => {
if (type === "touch") return;
(type = "touch"),
document.addEventListener("mousemove", mousemoveHandler);
onUserInputChange((type) => {
console.log("The user is now using", type, "as an input method.");