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TS Deno ECMAScript GitHub

This repository is a collection of numerous utility functions that can be easily imported and used anywhere, similar to Lodash.

All the documents can be found on 30-seconds-of-typescript

Note: This repository is heavily inspired by 30-seconds-of-code. All JavaScript code has been converted to TypeScript so that it can be used for Modern HTML|JS, TypeScript and DenoGithub.

I am refactoring code and fixing bugs along with conversion.

Install node.js/npm

npm i @deepakvishwakarma/ts-util

How to use [Typescript]

import { mask } from "@deepakvishwakarma/ts-util";

console.log(mask(1234567890)); // '******7890'
console.log(mask(1234567890, 3)); // '*******890'
console.log(mask(1234567890, -4, "$")); // '$$$$567890'

How to use [JS]

const { mask } = require("@deepakvishwakarma/ts-util");

console.log(mask(1234567890)); // '******7890'
console.log(mask(1234567890, 3)); // '*******890'
console.log(mask(1234567890, -4, "$")); // '$$$$567890'

Install Snippet Extension

You can find the working plugin on You can either search for 30-seconds-of-typescript Or Install from here imdeepak.30-seconds-of-typescript

Search for snippet- Sample[typescript & typescriptreact]



This repo has a utility file, that can be imported to Deno and modern EcmaScript.

How to use [Deno]

import { all } from "";
all([{ name: "D" }, { name: "D2" }], hasName); //true

How to use using Github CDN [Modern HTML|JS]

<script type="module">
// Use any Github CDN
import * as util from "";
const el = util.createElement(
`<div class="container"><p>Hello! This is created using createElement!! </p></div>`


Create New utility function

export here util.ts

How to bundle: It will be auto using husky githook

How to test using Deno

deno test util.test.ts

Commands | Scripts

1. Generate Snippets:

npm run code-gen

2. Generate Extension:

npm run extension

3. Install Extension Locally:

code --install-extension *.vsix