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TS JS Deno

Check if the current process's arguments contain the specified flags.

Use Array.prototype.every() and Array.prototype.includes() to check if process.argv contains all the specified flags. Use a regular expression to test if the specified flags are prefixed with - or -- and prefix them accordingly.

const hasFlags = (args: string[], ...flags: string[]) =>
flags.every((flag) =>
args.includes(/^-{1,2}/.test(flag) ? flag : "--" + flag)
// node myScript.js -s --test --cool=true
hasFlags(process.argv, "-s"); // true
hasFlags(process.argv, "--test", "cool=true", "-s"); // true
hasFlags(process.argv, "special"); // false

// Another use case

const processHasFlags = curry(hasFlags, 2)(process.argv);
assertEquals(processHasFlags("-s"), true);
assertEquals(processHasFlags("--tests"), false);