What is nodejs CodeLabs

Go Lang claat tool replica written in node js, using marked parser

Documents: CodeLabs Docs

You can either install as CLI or nodejs module

Install as CLI

npm install -g @deepakvishwakarma/node-claat


npm install -g git+ssh://git@github.com/deepakshrma/googles-codelabs.git

Create a folder[docs]

md codelabs
cd codelabs
md docs
cd docs

Create a md file

echo 'summary: This is going to be Awesome
id: this-going-to-be-awesome
category: doc
tags: medium
status: Published
authors: Deepak
Feedback Link: https://github.com/deepakshrma/googles-codelabs

## This is going to be Awesome

<!-- ------------------------ -->

## Overview

Duration: 1

### What is nodejs CodeLabs
function isPageBreak(token) {
  return (
    token.type == "html" &&
    token.raw.indexOf("<!--") === 0 &&
```' > this-is-going-to-be-awesome.md

Run commandline

cd .. # move to home folder codelabs
ls # you will see docs folder here
node-claat --docs docs


git clone https://github.com/deepakshrma/googles-codelabs.git
npm install

npm run example
npm run serve

Write Test case and run:

Write test cases in test folder

npm run test:watch

## OR coverage

npm run test

Now you can run and see output using any static server


open browser:

open http://localhost:8080/this-is-going-to-be-awesome/#0

Thanks you for using! Work is still in progress. Keep supporting!

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